Pink Has No Worries Once On Her Tour Bus

Pop singer Pink on her tour bus with her bulldog ElvisPepsi Smash’s Track Episode 3 featured Pink worrying about leaving something behind as she prepared to hit the road on tour with her bulldog Elvis.

Setting the scene as she prepared to hit the road, Pink said, “The first day of the trip. Packing up the bus. We’re supposed to be leaving at 2 o’clock. Everyone seems to be lagging. A little stressful. Lara is my manager and my closest friend. My BFF forever. She trails behind me during moments like this and tells me to calm down and then stresses me out more.”

As stressful as getting ready to get on the bus is, it changes once she’s on board. “As soon as I get on that bus, no worries,” Pink explained. “Everything is gonna be good. I love the bus. I just find it so relaxing. It’s a nice bed. I’m good at sleeping when things are moving.”

As for the allure of life on the road, Pink said, “As much as I love a consistent thing, being at home and the comforts of that, I’m also a gypsy and I love waking up not knowing where I am, or what I have to do that day until I get my day sheet and figuring out where the dog park is in this new city.”

Watch the segment below.

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