Perez Hilton Fires Back At Lance Bass

Perez Hilton has responded to Lance Bass’ denial on his MySpace blog of the burning coat incident at Sundance.

“We stand by our original reporting 100%! Everything we stated that happed really did,” insisted the gossip guru currently being sued by Colin Farrell. “Lance loved the dildo. Lance was and is flaming (and literally on fire). Also, even if he were to dispute that, is he REALLY going to deny that he is gay, which we stated in the post? Because we all know Lance Bass is a major homo, so Perez was MOST DEFINITELY not 100% factually inaccurate.”

Lance Bass Offers Correction On Burning Coat Report

January 25, 2006 – Lance Bass has responded to a posting by Perez Hilton that the *NSYNC star “just stood there” as his “coat had to be thrown on the ground and one of the people throwing on the event had to stomp out the flames” at Sundance. Bass writes, “Ok.. the article from that guy is 100% false! Yes my jacket caught on fire.. but my friend did it.. and i was not even around to see it happen! And about the rest of the stuff he said… that was just made up. Other than that little tid bit.. Sundance was amazing this year… maybe one of the highlights was meeting Tom from MySpace.”

UPN Mulls Show About Life After Boy Bands

January 20, 2006 – The Associated Press reports that though an *NSYNC reunion looks less and less likely, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone have found an alternative, starring as a modern-day ‘Odd Couple’ for a series being developed for UPN. Tentatively dubbed, ‘Out of Sync’, and planned for this fall, the show will be a hybrid of reality and comedy, according to network president Dawn Ostroff. Not surprising to the boyband’s fans, Fatone is Oscar, the slob, while Bass is the neat freak, Felix. The full story at has since been removed.

Lance Bass At Sundance

January 20, 2006 – *NSYNC star Lance Bass wrote on his blog Thursday (January 19): “To those who asked… yes I will be at Sundance this year… I love the festival and wouldn’t miss it! I am there all weekend long.. so hope to see u there!”

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2 thoughts on “Perez Hilton Fires Back At Lance Bass

  1. americanidol2 says:

    Who gives a crap? Don’t post stupid posts that no one cares about. Lance is a nobody and perez (I am not even going to capitalize his name) as an overweight fly that landed on Lance’s *****. Your posts are useless.

  2. eminemsgayluvr says:

    perez is a totally desperate loser convinced everyone is gay. he needs to seriously get laid and the only way that would happen is if he got a chin reduction and lipo ugh he is thee worst. is the best celeb blog

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