PETA Targets Jennifer Lopez’s New Sweetface Clothing Line

Jeannette Walls of reports Jennifer Lopez is about to become the target of a major campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals because she wears so much fur and uses it extensively in her new line of clothes, Sweetface. “There is nothing remotely ‘sweet’ about the torture deaths of animals killed for fur,” PETA Vice President Dan Mathews said. “Jennifer Lopez may be able to get the images of bloody, skinned foxes still alive and breathing out of her head, but we doubt all her fans will.” Read more.

J.Lo Dances And Cheers At Husband’s Concert

February 26, 2005 – Korpa TV has video footage, since removed, of Marc Anthony’s concert at the Olympic Pavillion in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday (February 23), as wife Jennifer Lopez danced and cheered from the side of the stage.

Delighted Jennifer Lopez Pregnant

February 25, 2005 – The Sun reports that Jennifer was said to be “delighted” on Friday night after tests revealed she is expecting her first child.

Jennifer Lopez Finally Confirms Marriage To Marc Anthony

February 25, 2005 – Jennifer has confirmed for the first time publicly that she and Marc Anthony are, indeed, husband and wife. “Yes, we’re married,” Lopez tells People magazine, on newsstands Friday. “I mean, come on, everyone knows. It’s not a secret.”

New Pepsi Advertisement Press Conference

February 24, 2005 – Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles and David Beckham attended the premiere of the new Pepsi Advertisement at Circulo de Belles Artes on Wednesday (February 23) in Madrid, Spain. The commercial is set in the mystical underworld of Hong Kong and stars Lopez, Knowles and Beckham. A video clip features Beckham talking about wife Victoria Beckham, formerly of the Spice Girls, giving birth to their third son Cruz, and Beyonce talking about falling into the water with an accidental push by J.Lo at the event, while Lopez’s hubby Marc Anthony looks on in the audience.

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4 thoughts on “PETA Targets Jennifer Lopez’s New Sweetface Clothing Line

  1. Babar says:

    Yeah she should definitely cut down on the fur. Fur is so overrated. And by the way, REBIRTH is a fabulous album, I got the Japan version so I have had it since 23 February and it TOTALLY blew me away. It’s definitely her best album yet. Love you J Lo.

  2. Clara106 says:

    I’m glad peta is doing something because J.Lo seems to have a sick obsession with fur, and I’m sorry, but, I’ve never gotten the big deal with it anyways. its not pretty or fashionable. honestly, I’ve always found it to be tacky and ugly. also, you can’t say that leather is the same because cows are killed for food. other animals, such as foxes, are killed just for fur, and nothing else. cows will be killed for food anyways, and to use their pelts for leather or something else just seems logical but, to hunt down and kill, torture, and skin animals purely for clothing is just dumb and its unethical. also, there are rules on the slaughter of animals for food. if any company, like McDonald’s, was found to be using inhumane methods of slaughtering their cows, or chickens, then they will either be jailed or forced out of business. just last year, KFC came under heavy fire after evidence surfaced of maltreatment to their chickens. with fur, on the other hand, their are no set rules or guidelines. anything can happen to these animals and nobody will get in trouble for it. fur as a fashion trend will most likely live on because of dumb asses who think it looks good and people like J.Lo are just helping this disgusting practice live on. I honestly hope that peta does whatever they can because, at least somebody is trying to do something about it. I also think its important to mention that most peta members are vegetarians so even if you call an anti-fur supporter a hypocrite for eating meat, you can’t say the same for peta and they are the ones actually putting work into ending fur as a fashion.

  3. Babar says:

    It might shock you, but a peeps in a place near my home kill fish by exploding a bomb in the pond, or making the water turbid, or putting electric current in the water. The fish die and come to the surface. Compare that to a shot animal’s fur, it looks insignificant. People are attending towards less important things.

  4. popfan_23 says:

    They aren’t tortured and then killed, they’re just killed’, ‘they are raised for that purpose. and you can eat those animals too, if you choose to. And honestly if they are in peta they should be vegans, no fur, no leather (shoes, sneakers, coats, pants, wallets, handbags, skirts, dresses, tops, etc….), wool, no nothing. synthetic fabrics only, and then if that’s what they choose is to suffer then good for them they shouldn’t be out harassing people, I’ve worn fur and leather all my life and I won’t stop cause some cooky group who believes they know what animals think tells me too

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