Pharrell Touts Justin Timberlake’s Humble Gal

Pharrell Williams voiced praise for his buddy ’s girlfriend Cameron Diaz. “His girlfriend is on top of the world and at the same time is so humble,” Pharrell said. “She takes care of him, and he looks after her, and it’s so great.”

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6 thoughts on “Pharrell Touts Justin Timberlake’s Humble Gal

  1. jenblade says:

    I don’t think Cameron is humble and down to earth, she is even the worst celebrity in signing an authograph to her fans. and of course she should take good care of Justin because she is too old for him that’s the best thing she can do to keep him.

  2. JtSbabygurl013181 says:

    I think Cameron seems very rude and thinks that she is better then every one else in the world! I also hope that Justin will realize this! Because I think that he and Britney were a way better couple then Cameron and him! Cameron is just a b!tch!

  3. faust says:

    Cameron is one big ugly whore. I don’t get it why he’s dating her. maybe she’s giving good head

  4. BlackQueen says:

    Wow…you guys must know Cameron real well. Go back to your non existence. Effing jackasses

  5. justincaseyestwo says:

    Um, “HUMBLE”, yeah, right. Has anyone noticed that EVERY SINGLE GIRL THAT HE HAS GONE OUT WITH AND BROKEN UP WITH HAS BEEN SO HUMBLE?????? Maybe humble isn’t what he’s looking for. Go on. Go back on his comments about every single girl and in EVERY SINGLE STATEMENT he was so amazed at how “humble” they were. That includes Britney, Janet, Alyssa, Cameron (sorry I’m really tired and can’t think of the others). But HUMBLE?????????? Either he really doesn’t care for humble or doesn’t know the meaning and neither do any of his friends. I think that if you were his girl and he started to tell you how he loves how humble you are you best high-tail it out of his life and back into your own.

  6. YogiBear says:

    Ditto on Cameron named the #1 Non-signing autograph celebrity. If she was humble in the beginning, then she’s lost it. and she needs to work on that acne. she’s looking like a witch…Plus she’s lost so much weight that she’s starting look much older which in turn makes Justin look like a kid.

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