Phil Bensen Heads To LA To Begin Work On Debut Album

Phil Bensen checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@philbensen) on Wednesday (February 18), talking about his trek from New Jersey to Los Angeles to begin work on his debut album. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Well I’m heading to LA tomorrow to record my first full length album. I’m very pumped. I’ll be working with a producer named Matt Wallace. He produced Maroon 5’s ‘Songs About Jane’, so I’m in good hands. You can expect new songs and new versions of old songs like bruised. I’m going to stay true to what I love doing. The album will be sort of a mix between funky stuff like Maroon 5 and more acoustic John Mayer/Jack Johnson sort of stuff. Wish me luck, I’ll need it. Thanks so much for everyone’s support. See you on the flip side (only cool people say stuff like “see you on the flip side”).

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