Phoebe Brown & Daizy Agnew Enjoy Vacation In Dubai

Phoebe Brown of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans after she and Daizy Agnew enjoyed a vacation in Dubai. Brown writes on their blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch):

The girls and I were in the studio recording the last song for our album when we realized the weather was actually (for once) rather nice!!! We got to speaking about going away together for a few days to Brighton but then I said ‘Stuff it, let’s go on holiday!’ Jess couldn’t make it work as she was due to get her A level results the very next day, but Daze came back to my house and we found a perfect holiday in Dubai! We booked it then and there and flew out the next night – talk about last minute!! We had such a fab time – our room was lovely and we even had our own balcony!! The weather was so hot it was nearly impossible to lie in it – so we did loads of activities instead like para-gliding, night safari, shopping, water parks and we even rode camels! We were delayed by 24 hours on the way back which was a bit of a nightmare, but it was well worth it as we had a little bit of free time before the hectic work starts for the second single!

you enjoy the photos, and can’t wait to see you all soon – loving corresponding with you all via the website.

Lots of love Phoebe xx

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