Photographer Shot With Pellet Outside Britney Spears’ Home

The Associated Press reports that a photographer camped outside Britney Spears’ home was shot in the leg with a pellet gun on Saturday evening, according to authorities. Sheriff’s Department Lt. Steve Smith said the photographer was outside the pop singer’s long driveway, staking out an an event at the Malibu home, when someone shot him.

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10 thoughts on “Photographer Shot With Pellet Outside Britney Spears’ Home

  1. RPL10991 says:


  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    My father always said to always be part of the solution and not the problem….. ….Spears and her camp are truly pathetic!!! These photogs are just doing their jobs, and she’s only giving them more ammo to stalk her…hasn’t she figured that out yet?

    uuuuhhhh, what privacy? NOTHING is private and sacred to Britney, so why should she’, ‘care if there are people outside her house? oh yeah, now I remember….cause THEY make the money…not her!!! That’s right.

  3. RobScott says:

    If more people stopped trying to catch pictures of Britney, we might be able to see Lindsay with her finger down her throat or Nick drinking and driving, and if we’re really lucky we might get to see AJ snorting some powder off a toilet seat. :P

  4. Cabati says:

    I can see it now: K. Fed sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch with a shotgun.

  5. malibu says:

    good for her! maybe the photographers will back off! shes just a human being like everyone else, illbeit, she is a human being with a *****load of cash (more than anyone needs or deserves) but she *****s, eats, sleeps like all of us, its so ridiculous how people play up the Hollywood scene.

  6. galleta says:

    Instead we get to see Hoe-ney and her trailer trash husband displaying their trailer’, ‘life style…


  7. EveryoneSucks says:

    it’s obvious she did this just for more attention for herself. media whore.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    But it IS to get the dirty pics of stars and get the GOODS….’, ‘in order to do that, SOMETIMES, they stalk. Britney Spears tried for so long to play the innocent virgin who did NOTHING wrong…was NOTHING like her stage persona!! Once people started seeing her drinking coke instead of Pepsi, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol while under the age of 21, hooking up with random people, all the while trying desperately to maintain “I’m a good girl,” they wouldn’t have started stalking her. She made it to where she was the most recognizable face on the planet by shoving herself down our throats for so long, this is bound to happen….ESPECIALLY when she claims to be perfect off stage compared to her on stage persona. IF she valued her privacy, it would be one thing, and I’d totally back her when she shoots a paparazzo in the leg with a BB gun….but since she sells every aspect of her life as it is and does it to make a buck, I just can’t!!! Play with fire, you’re going to get burned. Did you see the movie “Paparazzi” last fall? They stalked him because he had said and done stuff to some of them that they didn’t like and they were going to “get even” at all costs. I’m sure after the rude remarks we’ve all seen, and all the garbage and beverage and whatever else she’s physically thrown at them…. If she’d have been nicer from the beginning, she wouldn’t be dealing with this now!

    No, he shouldn’t have!!! You said it…she does everything in her power to attract’, ‘the presses, then *****es when it shows her in an unflattering light and cries “why don’t I get any privacy?” Mess with the bull, you get the horn….she’s messed with them, and they’ve made her life a living hell for the last few years…. She made her bed, and now she’s got to lie in it. They shouldn’t be shooting people with BBs. What if that had been a fan just waiting to see her; with their camera? Oh wait, they’re not above pulling guns on her fans either…. One of these days, she’s gonna get sued for everything she’s got because someone is going to get hurt or die at her hand, or the hand of one of the people in her entourage. Britney should have thought about her actions a LONG time ago before she had these problems!

    I’ll give you the Lindsay thing because NO ONE looses that much weight that quick’, ‘without using drastic measures…. But the reason we don’t see bad pics of BSB doing whatever unflattering thing….BECAUSE THEY DON’T SELL EVERYTHING THEY HAVE AND EVERYTHING THEY ARE FOR THE CHANCE TO E FAMOUS AND LOVED BY ALL. THAT, AND THE FACT THAT AJ DOESN’T SNORT COKE ANYMORE, AND BSB KEEP A LOW PROFILE. THEY DO IT RIGHT AND DON’T SELL THEMSELVES OUT FOR THE SAKE OF FAME. Nice try, but you just proved how lame and stupid you really are. Trying desperately to tear others down so that Britney looks better. She did it to herself…no one else did it to her!! Live with it and move on already.

    If anything, it’s stunts like this that keep them coming back for more….’, ‘They get the pics that make some money, every once in a while, there have been the BIG money shots, and eventually, they are gonna take her for everything she’s got…. If she keeps taunting them and “getting even” with them, they’re gonna hit her with even more. If she’d ignore them and play it low key, live a boring life like all of us do, then maybe, MAYBE, they’d get over it and move on to show a pic of Lindsay with her finger in her throat. But instead, Britney plays into their hands…. And she needs to do that because without any projects (other than the big publicity stunt that is baby fed), she NEEDS to have them there so that she’s not forgotten. Otherwise, she’d have been a flash in the pan because she’s a talentless, brainless, spoiled brat who wouldn’t have made it this long without the paparazzi!

  9. Vanity87 says:

    I know that the press can be out of line but I do not feel sorry for Britney because she always does stupid & trashy things that call for attention! britney’s whole career is about media hype!

  10. XtinaFan says:

    funniest thing ever = ihatehilary going on and on a few months ago about how Joel and Hilary aren’t dating, even though I would tell her otherwise all the time that THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE BRITNEY AND JUSTIN (in the sense that they were denying it at first, and would finally admit it after a while)… however, ihatehilary would deny it.. she would scream and cuss at me, while posting 4896359608 comments commenting about “duffs muff” and other lame teenybopper ***** like that… even when Benji practically ADMITTED that Joel was dating Hilary on Howard Stern, ihatehilary would pass it off as a joke, then scream and cuss some more. Now they have admitted it.. and as pathetic as ihatehilary is, she can’t admit it to herself.. she still denies they are dating, while screaming and cussing and STILL posting 285749826784 comments about “duffs muff”. So I ask, WHY does it bother you so much, ihatehilary? Did you think that YOUR fat ass would date Joel? Why does it affect YOUR life if two people you don’t know, and will NEVER know, are dating? It is PATHETIC when I look at the comments on a Hilary Duff post, and 80 percent of the comments are from you.. sometimes you even REPLY TO YOURSELF. my point = GET A LIFE.. and not just you.. every single *****ing person on here ( e.g jimmypee) that feels ANY TYPE OF EMOTION when ANY CELEBRITY does or doesn’t do something.. get your own life, your OWN friends, your own melodrama. pathetic people.

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