Pink And Terminator Beauty In Steamy Lesbian Kiss

The Sun has captured in a surprise makeout session with ‘Terminator 3’ star Kristanna Loken. The pair met up and sizzled on the dance floor at flash club Jimmy’z at Monaco following the World Music Awards, resisting the charms of Albert. “It was pretty blatant and the pair didn’t mind who saw,” an onlooker remarked. “There was Prince Albert doing his best to schmooze them, then they began snogging. But he seemed to enjoy it.”

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2 thoughts on “Pink And Terminator Beauty In Steamy Lesbian Kiss

  1. rachel says:

    Is Pink also a lesbo? Hmm, a lot of girls have been doing this, I personally think half of them aren’t really lesbian, they are just doing it for attention. Because they all ultimately get married to a man or something. I don’t even think they are Bi, they are just attention seekers.

  2. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    I think Pink may be bi-curious, maybe even bisexual. But not a lesbian, no. A lot of girls are into getting their freak on with another chick because it feels good. A friend of mine (who is really into guys) messes around with her roommate(female). Naturally, our university doesn’t condone sexual activity of any nature going on in student residence halls, but they can’t stop it. I mean, Casey and her roommate live together, so there’s no real way to keep them from doing it. They both claim to be straight, although I think her roommate may be a lesbian. They mess around A LOT. Her roommate says she likes the way another girls tits feel pressed against hers, and she really likes frenching other females. Gross. Casey and her roommate both claim that what they’re participating in is not lesbian sex because they don’t go down on each other. They just suck/rub each others’ tits, roll around on the floor together and tongue-kiss. I’m like, “whatever”, but I hate it for their boyfriends because they don’t know that this is going on.

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