Pink Asked If She’s A Lesbian

According to Radio 1, a journalist from Singapore boldly asked if she was a lesbian at her press conference in London. “(Laughs) Do you want me to be a lesbian? (laughs again),” the pop singer responded. “Wow!… Well, I’ve been with a guy in a serious relationship for the last two years, but I do think women are very sexy so I don’t really know how to answer that question. Are you? You’re not a lesbian? OK!”

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5 thoughts on “Pink Asked If She’s A Lesbian

  1. NJHottie24 says:

    she looks and acts like the biggest lesbian ever!

  2. Tina31182 says:

    Has anyone listened to “Try Too Hard” off of Pink’s new album. You can hear it on MTV’s the leak. Rolling Stone seems to think it’s about Christina. Just curious for everyone’s thoughts on that.

    The quote off is: “In “Try Too Hard,” another Perry-helmed winner, she takes on a wanna-be who tries to be “different” by copying the right people. Is it fellow Perry collaborator Christina Aguilera? Labelmate Avril Lavigne? “It’s people like you that make me sick/I’m surrounded by you everywhere I look,” Pink cries, changing the first “you” to a self-deprecating “us” for the final chorus.” Not trying to continue the whole pop stars hating on each other that there was an essay on earlier I just thought that it was interesting especially after the dig at Britney in Pink’s last album. Anyway it’s probably just the media blowing it up since she didn’t name names or anything.

  3. Natron says:

    seen her video for “sober”

  4. baabyy69 says:

    bisexual ?

  5. Keely alira says:

    I’m a bisexual 15year old girl and I think it doesn’t matter if she is bi lesbian or straight I think she is awesome and no one should care x

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