Pink E-Mails Message To Fans

sent out an e-mail message to her fans reading as follows:

Hi Everybody!
You know, I think I might be the luckiest girl alive. I have a voice and a love of music and the most loyal fans in the world. Through my music I have been able to connect with so many people out there just like me, when once I thought I was all alone.

Thank you all for your open minds, open ears and open hearts. I had a dream when I was a little girl… one dream in the whole world. It was all I saw, morning, noon and night. I sang and sang and sang. No one could see this dream as reality except for me. And that is why it has come true – I never gave up my dream.

I have had so much fun pouring my life and heart into my music and trying to be original (as in, not following the boring formula’s and status quo) and you all have made this possible. Thank you for coming with me on this journey of mine, of ours. And now here we are in Chapter Three, while everyone is waiting to see – “What’s P!NK gonna do this time?”, “How could she possibly come better than ‘Missundaztood’?”, “She’s really rocking out now!” Well, to be honest I don’t give a sh** about all that. I just want to keep moving forward, keep having fun, keep singing and singing and singing. Keep doing it the only way I know how, my way! You can never fail if your are proud of what you do. And vice versa, you can never feel successful if you’re not proud of what you are doing. So, I have the happy medium and if it weren’t for all of you none of this would be happening or even matter. You are what makes it all worthwhile to me. Thanks for listening. I hope to see you on tour. It’s gonna be fun and we will be together again. Thanks for your love and loyal support—–I love you all! Hell Yeah!

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4 thoughts on “Pink E-Mails Message To Fans

  1. Britn3y says:

    She should have stuck to the sound she had on the first album cause the second and third album both sound like crap.

  2. thedirrtyone says:

    Pink is not making good music anymore. she will never make as good an album as the first one. her new style is crap!

  3. Cicero says:

    I’m not a fan, but cut the girl some slack. She does have a voice — and a good one at that. And she’s trying something a little different with the new album. Yeah, sales aren’t too hot, but she’s not down and out.

  4. babet says:

    could this be anymore disney???? man I could see this kind of crap on a disneyland billboard………”all dreams come true”…….what a load of bull.

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