Pink Echoes PETA Line On Jennifer Lopez

MTV News reports that Pink took a few shots at Jennifer Lopez when she accepted a humanitarian award from PETA on Saturday in Los Angeles for her anti-fur campaign. “When it comes to fighting for animal rights, Pink is as tenacious as she is talented,” Pamela Anderson told the singer when presenting the award. When asked how she feels about people who wear fur, Pink replied, “I believe in, ‘To each his own.’ But I also hope that they someday get bitten in the ass by the same kind of animal they wear on their back.” Pink called J.Lo “J. Bitch” and joked, “So … J.Lo wasn’t invited tonight? Big surprise!”

McCartney Targets Fur Fashions

September 15, 2005 – Fronting a new PETA campaign against fur in fashion and coinciding with New York Fashion Week, Heather Mills McCartney targeted top fashion labels that use fur, including Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface Fashions.

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6 thoughts on “Pink Echoes PETA Line On Jennifer Lopez

  1. ficklefan says:

    I’m kinda getting tired of people attacking J-Lo. Yes, animals are great, but you’ve got millions of people who are now homeless to go along with the millions that are without everyday, and they still wanna talk crap about this woman.

  2. redar says:

    I agree with Pink. What they do to kill these animals to make a fur coat is disgusting. I’d be getting ready to start on Beyonce if I were PETA though since her new clothing line is going to have a line of furs. Obviously people like this don’t really care about animals, just in having the most expensive thing. Gross and disgusting!

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay, people using animals for fur is very wrong and cruel, I am totally against it. But all they’re doing is causing propaganda, not stopping anybody from using fur or wearing fur. And let’s get real here, no matter who they target they can’t stop everybody from using fur in general. I just think there are more important things to put all their energy into. They should focus on the health and welfare of all those animals that were displaced from hurricane Katrina, and be sure that they’re taken care of, instead of focusing so much on J.Lo.

  4. jeepgrrl says:

    Have you been to PETA’s website lately? They’re actually doing a lot for the animals affected by Katrina, along with dozens of other animal advocacy organizations. And in turn, this is helping people reunite with their pets. PETA is a very well-organized group, with a good amount of resources, so they are able to focus on more than one issue at a time. I would have to disagree with you that their tactics don’t get people to change. Again, if you visit your website, you can see dozens of instances of corporations changing their tactics based on PETA’s relentless campaigns. Unfortunately, many people don’t listen to polite requests, and aggression then has to take the place of what could otherwise have been a civilized debate. If you think about it, until PETA started throwing paint on people wearing fur coats, you really didn’t hear the issue of fur being talked about in public.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    yup, I have, and I know that they are doing a lot for those animals. I just think they’re putting way too much publicity and hype around J.Lo, when they should let people know about the good things they’re doing right now. I know a lot about PETA, I have my own animal rights group, and we get plenty of news from PETA representatives in person. I am not saying that they need to focus on just ONE issue at a time, I just think they need to learn how to present each issue without making themselves look bad. And I never said that PETA hasn’t made a difference in something, I said that PETA isn’t really stopping people from wearing fur or using animals for fur. But you are right, PETA has made people more aware about the use of fur, and I think many people and very few companies have stopped using fur. But I think in terms of making a big hype over one celebrity wearing fur, it brings a negative image on PETA. Many people view PETA as a radical group, and they look upon them negatively because all they hear is them doing some radical campaign. I try to tell some people that PETA isn’t all about throwing paint at people, that they actually do plenty of good things in a more friendly way. But many people don’t believe that. Sorry if I my comment made you think that I don’t believe PETA has made some changes. I was mainly talking about how PETA sometimes overdoes it with targeting a celebrity. It causes awareness, but I think it just turns many people off and it makes people underlook what PETA is trying to do.

  6. jeepgrrl says:

    Oh, I didn’t think you were bashing PETA or anything. I just didn’t know if you had read the latest on their website about what they’re doing for the Katrina animals. I do agree that they need to do an image makeover at some point, because yes, too many people immediately associate them as radicals, put them in that box, and then ignore their actual message.

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