Pink Flounders With Grown-Up Issues

Pink 'I'm Not Dead' album cover

Fiona Shepherd of The Scotsman reviewed Pink’s new album ‘I’m Not Dead’, giving it just two stars. Shepherd writes, “She continues to define herself in opposition to her empty-headed peers on the sarky, snotty, satirical and catchy current single Stupid Girls, proving herself still to be handy with a comical diss. ‘Where have the smart people gone?’ she laments wryly. But, while it’s fine for her to play the cool-cat critic, she needs the musical goods to back it up. Instead, it transpires she hasn’t advanced over the course of four albums.”

The entire review at has since been removed.

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7 thoughts on “Pink Flounders With Grown-Up Issues

  1. ScorpionMan says:

    LOL I kinda agree. I don’t think Pink is any different from Xtina, Britney etc

  2. amelita says:

    stupid blonde girls, oh, so true, like, Jessica, jho, Britney, Lindsay, Christina, Paris h., grrr!

  3. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Pink’s music sucks lately! She needs to shut her mouth and concentrate on writing or finding good songs!

  4. manwithaplan94 says:

    Although her new song stupid girls does make you laugh and actually is telling the truth and has a very good message. I do think like this article says that’s Pink’s biggest problem she comes off way too preachy. Unless you really have something to say and have a cult following people get tired of being preached to in music especially pop music. It becomes old and boring fast I think Pink needs to stop being so preachy and political and write some good heartfelt love songs and catchy dance and party songs. We need some pop artists that will bring the fun back into music like it was in the early days of teen pop because right now there are way too many attitudes,agendas,egos,and preachy singers. Don’t get me wrong I like it when artists like Fiona Apple,Alanis Morissette, and Jewel along with a large list of others do it. Pink had an awesome record with Missundaztood but after that it seems shes been stuck there. Its like shes been doing the same thing over and over. Pink has to find someway to make a hit without always having to make a statement I mean dam how many statements can you make.

  5. galleta says:

    I agree but when popstars do that they get accused of being too fluffy, not political’, ‘enough, just shallow, popstars can’t win. PPL are gonna complain no matter what they do

  6. RPL says:

    Will she discuss her live as a tranny on this album? And how she wishes she was a big star?

  7. manwithaplan94 says:

    Good Point on the other hand as long as they do what they are’, ‘comfortable with its cool. As long as they are happy in the end that is all that matters because they will have fans and critics no matter what they do.

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