Pink Is Out To Make People Forget Madonna

WENN reports is wanting to replace as the queen of pop. “She was definitely my role model,” Pink said of the Material Girl. “When I was eight I thought I was her. I went into my mom’s closet and did my best to look like her but, you know, everybody has their time and I think I’m into more hardcore stuff now.” She adds, “I’m out to make people forget about Madonna.”

And Guy Have Massive Fight On Her Birthday

August 22, 2002 – The Mirror reports Madonna and Guy Ritchie had a big fight at her 44th birthday at her Beverly Hills home last weekend over their new film ‘Swept Away’, which got so heated Guy stormed off back to London in a huff. “Guy has been working flat-out on the film, in which Madonna stars. He has been under a lot of pressure, especially with Lock Stock being such a hit,” revealed a source. “All this has understandably put a strain on his relationship with Madonna. Unfortunately for Madonna it just happened to be her birthday.”

Madonna Under Fire For Changing Her Historic House

August 22, 2002 – Jeanette Walls of MSNBC reports that Madonna is getting heat for making changes to her historic house in Salisbury, England, without getting permission from town officials. The biggest change was that she erected massive gates around her property. Now Madonna has to make the case for why she should be allowed to keep them, or she has to take them down.

Madonna Celebrates 44th Birthday

August 20, 2002 – The Mirror reports Madonna celebrated her 44th birthday with a Japanese- themed soiree at her Californian mansion. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen set tongues wagging by arriving with Guy Oseary – the boss of Madge’s record label Maverick. Kelly Brook and fiance Jason Statham also attended.

Madonna Demands Co-Star To Hit Her Harder

August 18, 2002 – The Sun reports Madonna’s ‘Swept Away’ co-star Adriano Giannini was stunned when the Material Girl asked him to hit her harder in a scene while filming. “When I first slapped her, she thought it wasn’t violent enough and told me to hit her harder,” he said. “On another occasion I was asked to humiliate her by making her bark like a dog. It got a bit masochistic but she’s very professional.”

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3 thoughts on “Pink Is Out To Make People Forget Madonna

  1. jimmyp says:

    Oh yeah she used to say Janet Jackson was her role model when she was the R/B TLC rip-off, now she’s a Madonna wannabe.. Right Pink, whatever.

  2. BsBoy says:

    Pink who are you trying to fool. ANYONE with half a brain knows you’re complete trash. Your music sucks and you’re a gimmick just like that other poser Avril Lavigne. So in other words Pink you wont make people forget Madonna, you’re most likely gonna make people forget about YOU. The way it SHOULD be.

  3. joxe says:

    Madonna is an icon, she’s the only material girl in this world, Debbie Gibson had tried before to be the next Madonna not to mention Tiffany but where are they now? they tried to give their careers a second chance but failed. Madonna could rest as long as she wants but she could hit us with her songs and her aura. she marked her name in the business!

    pink i like you but telling us that you are here to make us forget Madonna i don’t think so. you still have a long road to walk to in order to reach what Madonna had established in the industry.

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