Pink Mentions Michael Jackson During Sydney Concert

paid tribute to in concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Friday (June 26). “You cannot take away the fact he’s one of the best who has ever did it,” told the audience, adding that the King of Pop will live long “in our hearts, in our feet, and in our iPods”, before performing ‘Crystal Ball’. Watch via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Pink Mentions Michael Jackson During Sydney Concert

  1. Marina says:

    About Pink’s comment. Not only we can’t take away that Michael Jackson was an amazing artist. We can’t take away that in the end, it was all about L.O.V.E. The triumph of love. I think that he and his children showed many of us how much we have been driven by preconceptions and prejudice and judgment. I guess we thought that we were better than him, “the crazy one”. Well, he won. He left everybody open-mouthed at the Grammys and ELEVATED what I thought it was a mediocre event. May we learn to be more humble and to value artists.

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