Pink Not Pressured To Outsell First Two Albums

tells she doesn’t feel pressured to outdo the sales success of her previous albums, as long as people get her message. “Nah, that’s too much pressure man,” she said. “I never expected ‘M!ssundaztood’ to do anything what it did. And to me I don’t look at it in numbers–like record sales. I look at it in that’s how many people… like lets say you sold 11 million records–9 million people probably heard those lyrics and the other two million lost it and had to replace it, but I’m just happy that people listen to what I’m saying.” Her third effort ‘Try This’ is set for a November 11th release.

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6 thoughts on “Pink Not Pressured To Outsell First Two Albums

  1. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    It’s cool that Pink doesn’t care. Her first two CDs rocked, especially Mizzundastood, but if her new album is going to be anything like that real good time song or w/e, then I doubt it will do as good. She should come out with a strong first single, something like “Family Portrait” or “Just Like a Pill”..Something eye-catching, not just another party song.

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    She has. “Trouble” has been getting air play already and is a pretty good song, in my opinion.

  3. GoingUnderr says:

    M!ssundaztood was a good album but like Trouble and Feel Good Time is sh** man. I doubt her album will be good.

  4. Hell6 says:

    Um… what the hell???? I don’t want to bash Pink or anything, but (HELLO)? This is really ironic for me, um… let me explain myself, in this article says: “…outdo the sales success of her previous albums”… THOSE 2 were successful albums, but the debut only sold like 2 millions and the second 4 millions copies. But the real IRONY is when jealous people are referring to Britney Spears previous 2 albums being a flop, but let me tell you, that “Oops!” sold 9x platinum and “Britney” sold 4.2x platinum, and not to mention her most seller album, her debut “Baby” that sold 13x platinum. That’s why I get angry when people says that Britney’s 4th album “In The Zone” would flop like her previous efforts, which, by the way is totally the contrary, is going to be indeed a HUGE ALBUM like all of the others Britney’s albums, OKI! I will debut in the number 1 spot, like always. Good luck PINK, you are going to need it.

  5. justanotherbtch says:

    I haven’t liked any of pinks new stuff. when she first came out she was okay, but now its just dumb.

  6. XxmissyxX says:

    Okay Pink is so confused. she doesn’t know what the hell kind of artist she wants to be! first she was all hip hop/r&b, then she turned pop, then she turned all alternative, now I don’t know what the hell she is except stupid. you’ll have to excuse me… I hate her guts.

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