Pink Performs Acoustic Set

performed a rare acoustic concert in New York with songs from her latest album, ‘Try This’, for Sessions@AOL. She also spoke with Reuters about her new album, her shock about working with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, and plans for future collaborations.

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3 thoughts on “Pink Performs Acoustic Set

  1. rangergirl says:

    I thought Pink was cool. Musically I liked a few of her songs and a couple of her videos were good. She seems outspoken which is refreshing. But why was she making out with that Male Slut of all Male Sluts ,burned out Tommy Lee? What is up with this girl? Does she know what diseases he’s carrying? Does she even care? Doesn’t she visit the site: Also, a few years ago, I heard her say (on Howard Stern Radio) she smooched with Christina A. (however brief) at a birthday party and said she would happily oblige again & THEN SOME. NOW, she said on Access Hollywood -that there isn’t a feud but she never liked Christina. What’s up with that? I guess things change but she must have liked Christina enough to share a kiss. Pink is a slut no better than the rest.

  2. Danisha says:

    Pink is a phenomenal artist and her acoustic sets are the best. As for her “feud” with Christina, she’s just mad because Christina has been calling her out on her [Pink’s] rebel yell image. Pink’s no real rebel. Christina is right on that account. Pink’s no real rebel, but she IS a really really great artist and “Try This” is fantastic. She’s not getting the kind of promotion Britney’s crappy CD is getting, but unlike “In the Zone,” “Try This” will STILL be generating strong sales a year from now.

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I agree with Danisha. Pink’s performance at tonight’s AMA’s was the best and refreshing. Unlike Britney’s… she lied again. She said she will sing live. Oh God, take her now.

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