Pink Separates Her Shoulder, But Show Will Go On

tells her Twitter followers (@pink) that she separated her shoulder. She was still able to kick off her U.S. tour in Seattle last night, though the pop star didn’t specify if the injury occurred before or after the Key Arena show. Pink writes:

I never knew exactly what Carey was going through when he broke his collarbone. now I now. This hurts.

Clarification – I DID NOT BREAK MY COLLARBONE. I SEPARATED MY SHOULDER. It kinda feels like 50 angry invisible demon fairies are stabbing me.

But the show will go on. It did last night. And I’d say it went pretty well:) thanks Seattle. Loudest crowd we have had this tour.

@jellismate I fell. I’m an idiot. Can do trapeze all day long, but Jesus don’t let me walk around.

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