Pink Show Is A No-Go

Singer Pink on a cloudy day

While has been getting hot and heavy with Tommy Lee, don’t look for a sequel to Lee’s sex tape with Pamela Anderson. “”Pink is having a lot of fun with Tommy but she knows his reputation and all about his past, ” Pink’s pal tells The Glasgow Daily Record. ”She’s very open-minded when it comes to sex but she’s told Tommy if she ever finds a lens pointed at her bed she’ll ram it where not even he has filmed before. She doesn’t want to be sneaking around town in a false beard and raincoat to avoid the pervy comments.”

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4 thoughts on “Pink Show Is A No-Go

  1. tazzsgirl says:

    Trust us pink the last thing we want to see is your ass naked. But it would prove if your d*ck is bigger than Tommys.

  2. getalifeyall says:

    I would love to see Pink naked. And FYI, Tommy can’t handle Pink.

  3. babyface0192 says:

    i don’t get how any women would get with with someone like him but at least she wont let Tommy get away with hitting her if he ever does

  4. amusicfanofsoul says:

    pink is a girly-girl who is putting up a tuff act. even her family says it was a sudden change of personality once she hit the spotlight.

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