Pink Spends Big Bucks To Fly In Tommy Lee

Singer Pink hair

The Mirror reports spent $35,000 to fly in boyfriend Tommy Lee from Los Angeles to New York on a private jet. They write, “The fiery love-birds set tongues wagging when they snogged at a party in November and then spent the night together at a Manhattan hotel.”

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5 thoughts on “Pink Spends Big Bucks To Fly In Tommy Lee

  1. JustinaTimberQ says:

    What I thought Tommy Lee was going out with Nick Carter. Looks like he found a new man and his name is Pink.

  2. summerfire says:

    Tommy Lee? My lord, I hoped (and thought) the girl had more taste than that. I mean, maybe he’s not a bad guy, but given his history with Heather Locklear (whom, from what I understand, he used to beat), and Pam Anderson…What the hell is she thinking? But hey! Whatever makes her happy.

  3. yeahillbethere says:

    They aren’t even dating! The media is such is bitch with her nowadays – not half the stuff they print is actually true, including this rumor!

  4. JLOVER101 says:


  5. rangergirl says:

    Tommy Lee is a jerk, hanger on, little talent. I believe this is Pink’s first “celebrity” boyfriend. If this is true then Pink is crazy!

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