Pink Takes A ‘Trip’ Back To McDonald’s Days

The Washington Post reports has fond memories of working at McDonald’s. “I’d be tripping on acid… and I would say, ‘Could I have bathroom duty?’ And I would sit in the bathroom and watch the tiles,” she says.

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5 thoughts on “Pink Takes A ‘Trip’ Back To McDonald’s Days

  1. urbaniz3d says:

    and I’m so sure THATS cool…

  2. yeahillbethere says:

    …putting one sentence out of an whole interview always makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? …not… Pink hasn’t done drugs in 7 years, why bring this up as “gossip”?

  3. MusicIsFreedom says:

    Exactly. Why can’t it be she was going down a dark road, but got straight, became successful and didn’t die of an overdose…. Wish people could see the positive side of things instead of just gossiping about what was…not what is.

    Ya know what…at that time for her, it probably WAS cool. The difference is, she isn’t doing drugs now, so I think that’s cooler.

  4. rangergirl says:

    Pink is funny, I hope she appreciates what she has now. I think she does.

  5. youhavenoidea says:

    soo pathetic…ooh look at little miss badass pink..she did drugs…bad girl…she’s so cool… *yawn* so bored of hearing about stars taking drugs, it’s not interesting unless they OD (that soon stops them thinking it’s cool)

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