Pink Walks Out Of Interview, Handlers Try To Confiscate Tape

Singer Pink with a Sir Corky Moore tattoo

Macquarie National News reports walked out on an interview with TVNZ’s Hanna Hodson, who had asked the singer why she fired her sister as her assistant and had been talking on her mobile phone during the interview. Afterwards, the singer’s security team and management tried to physically force the camera crew to hand over the tape. “Let go of our camera this is our property, how dare you,” Hodson shouted.

“(Camerman) Jason (Hull) left the camera rolling at the end of the interview and you can hear Hannah going, ‘Fu** off, this is TVNZ’s property,” a source told the publication. “You can’t have the tape … I’ll call the cops. It started out okay … was really trying … but she was looking over at her manager the whole time as if to say, ‘What the hell?'”

The New Zealand current affairs show ‘Close Up’ is set to air the video as an exclusive soon.

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