Pink’s Career In ‘Trouble’

Pink 'Trouble' single cover

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Pink’s career in the U.S.A. seems to be in trouble. The single, ‘Trouble,’ the first off of her new album, ‘Try This,’ peaked at #67 and drove it’s way down to the bottom half of the Billboard Hot 100. ‘Trouble’ is failing to catch on with radio. It peaked at #17 on the pop charts and is losing spins rapidly. ‘Try This’, her album out on November 11th, hasn’t been receiving much attention and is not been getting pre-ordered very much. ‘Try This’ hasn’t even gotten 3/4 of the pre-sales of Britney’s new album, ‘In the Zone’. Also, Pink’s career is falling in the U.K. ‘Trouble’ debuted at #7, lower then the Black Eyed Peas who have been on the chart for nine weeks.

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10 thoughts on “Pink’s Career In ‘Trouble’

  1. missxtina24 says:

    Pink sucks and her new single trouble is pure crap she needs to go back to her R&B DAYS when she made good songs I haven’t liked any of her songs off her recent music except get the party started and family portrait I like the old pink not this wanna-be rock chick.

  2. SJ says:

    P!nk’s music is absolutely crap. Her songs are HORRIBLE!. She needs to come out with music like “There She Goes”… the more r&b stuff. P!nk’s last few years of music have been the WORST of most any artist.

  3. liya492 says:

    Single Trouble sucks!!! I bet the rest of her album is even worst. Her first 2 albums sold 15 millions totals. This album will not past the gold certification I’m sure of that(500 000).

  4. webanging says:

    Pink need to get her head out of the carpet. The more mannish she’s been getting the worse her music has become.

  5. looker says:

    Trouble is a weak single but that doesn’t mean much. If the next single is better then the album can still be a huge success. Her record company made a mistake by choosing this song as the debut single but it doesn’t mean the album will flop.

  6. xtinarox says:

    She sold 15 millions for her first 2 albums in total??!!! If she really did sold 15millions for the first 2 albums in total, she needs to go back to that time. For now, her songs suck, and she’s being a whore.

  7. pinky411 says:

    Um if I heard one song on the radio and I didn’t like it…I wouldn’t buy the album….singles influence the album

  8. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Pink’s new single sucks and sucks hard. When I first heard it, I couldn’t believe that was her first single – it sounded like a filler song and a bad one at that.

  9. looker says:

    So what if you don’t buy the album hell somebody else will. Don’t make yourself more important than you are!

  10. PaulNick19 says:

    It does sound a little like “feel good time” which didn’t do that great either. I don’t like Trouble, but I would be open to the rest of the album. I think “like a pill” is an awesome song.

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