Pink’s Management Co On EP & DVD Plans

After the anonymous story about releasing a 7-song EP later this year, the moderator at Pink’s official forum contacted the singer’s management company and got the following response: “7 track EP.. I don’t know what that is.” As for DVD plans, the response was: “We are hoping for a Christmas release for the DVD but nothing has been confirmed.” Read more.

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5 thoughts on “Pink’s Management Co On EP & DVD Plans

  1. A nonny mouse says:

    Pink is seeing a British former super model called Kaden ( trust me :o)

  2. Holger Haupt says:

    Hello, my name is Holger and I come from Germany.
    I want to ask you to do me a favor concerning Pink.
    The daughter (Marlene, 14 years old) of a friend of mine is a great Pink fan. This year on 3rd of April she’ll have “Jugendweihe”, it’s a celebration and ceremony in which teenagers are given adult social status, like a confirmation. Due to we are looking for a special surprise, could you please arrange it to get a video or an audio message from Pink with greetings for Marlene?
    Pleas give me your feedback.

    With kind regards,

  3. Christiane Weigl says:

    ladies and gentlemen
    i bought four tickets for the pink concert on June 6th in Munich as a Christmas present for my daughter and my son. They both are big fans of Pink. The concert was written on the ticket to begin at 4 p.m., early enough to go to school next day. But what a surprise, pink had not appeared when we had to leave at 7.30 We and our kids left with frustration and a sun-burn. That was the first experience for our kids with a concert and the last experience for us as parents with a Pink concert

  4. Christine says:

    Ladies and gentleman,
    my sister and me are very big fans of pink,
    and have been at a lot of concerts in Germany.
    At 7th of may my sister will marry and I will be
    her witness, so I would like to make that day memorable
    for her.
    the biggest surprise would be a congratulation
    of pink in a short video message.
    (Their names are Yvonne & Sven)
    It would be awesome, if that will be realized.

    thanking you in anticipation

  5. Genevieve says:

    I’m an artist, up and coming, lead singer for a band named Madison Rivers based out of BC Canada. About six weeks ago I decided to take my life. I’d been all the girls in Pink’s video Perfect and I was just exhausted trying to please everyone- myself being my worst enemy. I just want Pink to know she touched me so deeply that I lived through it. I do have scars on my wrist that say Perfect. Girl, you know what? people these days are so afraid to be real, to be angry to show signs of, and I quote, “weakness”. You’ve saved countless lives with this song, just as much as I save w those I send out to this country (across Canada w CBC) A genuine thank you is in order… but I can’t find the words to truly express my gratitude to you.. in small detail you saved my life.. in big you’ve given me a second chance to sing, and hopefully someday give the same message of hope you gave me.. I wish we could meet, have an ice cold beer.. I’m here if you want! because of you.. feel free to contact me.. you have my email. my management company is based out of LA. ill buy. xoxo

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