Pink’s Update On The Kiss

Pink says she missed and Britney’s kiss because she was so transfixed by Britney Spears’ tongue. She told German MTV News: “I didn’t see Madonna kiss Christina at all – perhaps because I was concentrating too hard on Britney’s tongue which came out of her mouth.” Pink also pointed out she was the first to kiss at an after-show party following the Video Music Awards three years ago. “Yeah, I kissed her first, and not to shock everyone,” she said.

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5 thoughts on “Pink’s Update On The Kiss

  1. elgato says:

    Pinky, by going on and on about how you were the first asked to kiss whoever, you’re trying to get attention. so quit being a hypocrite.

  2. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Pink, no one cares that you kissed Christina. And no one cares that Madonna kissed Christina. She seems bitter, btw.

  3. xtinasuxx says:

    The reason no one knew that Pink kissed Christina, is the same reason no one knew Madonna kissed Christina… Because she’s not Britney!. Therefore nobody cares!. LOL!

  4. rachel says:

    Ahh stupid Slutney fans everyone one who matters in the world know that Pink and Christina kissed 3 years ago. The only reason why Slutney gained popularity was her blatant disgusting attempt to gain attention by sticking her std infested tongue down Madge’s throat. I swear I saw some white herpes pores on her tongue, very shocking!

  5. GoingUnderr says:

    Pink is such a butched up lesbian! Why brag that you kissed Christina? You trying to get attention? LMAO! I feel sorry for you, that you kissed that thing… but after all your a thing like her :/ eww

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