Pint-Sized Popstar A Spineless Wimp

A blind item in The Sunday Mirror asks, “Which pint-sized popstar is a spineless wimp? The runt likes everyone to think he’s as hard as nails but he was so worried about bumping into a fellow celeb that he wouldn’t go into the Isle of Wight VIP hospitality tent. Sissy.”

People Mag’s Closeted Conundrum

May 31, 2004 – A blind item in Billy Masters’ column asks, “A couple of years ago, gay singer Matt Zarley was included on the [People magazine] Eligible Bachelors list. But he was NOT the magazine’s first choice. Another singer was profiled and photographed. Then someone from the mag called the songbird to ask how he felt being the first openly gay person to make the list. All hell broke loose – the chanteuse was NOT openly gay and had no plans to come out (he still hasn’t, by the by). The editors at People were frantic, until someone came up with Zarley at the last minute, and the rest is history.”

Sexy Singer Keeps Lovenest To Cheat On Boyfriend

May 19, 2004 – A blind item in Globe magazine asks, “This sexy singer is leading a double life and cheating behind her handsome beau’s back. Unbeknownst to him, she keeps a secret ‘love nest’ in West Hollywood where she goes for romps with both male and female companions. It’s one of the few places she can go to for total privacy since there’s always a houseful of friends, relatives, and security people hanging around her main residence just a few miles away.”

Naughty Pop Star Seeing Mistress

May 16, 2004 – A blind item in The Sunday Mirror asks, “Which pop star is being a naughty boy behind his wife’s back? The lothario is enjoying nights of passion with a mistress and is so in lust he’s told a few select pals he plans to leave the missus by the end of the year.”

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