Madonna Shows Desperation With Britney & Christina Kisses

The contrived and lingering kisses Madonna enjoyed with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards demonstrate that the veteran pop singer is desperate to revive our waning interest in her, so says Sam Leith of the Telegraph.

He says, “In snogging them both, she confuses matters. Britney and Christina, when they were on the way up seven or eight years ago, were rivals. Now they have both been superseded by Beyonce Knowles. So they are vulnerable to getting involved in this sort of silliness – but too foolish to hold out for exclusivity. Madonna got her headlines.”

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7 thoughts on “Madonna Shows Desperation With Britney & Christina Kisses

  1. Madfan says:

    Beyonce surpassing Britney and Christina???? Beyonce who???? They’d say anything to spite Madonna’s successors!!

  2. jimmypee says:

    Madonna is on her way down. but since when has Christina been superseded by Beyonce? LMAO Beyonce hasn’t superseded Britney either… Avril has

  3. Mia says:

    First of all over 20 years into her career Madonna is still writing and producing multi-platinum CD’s. American Life has sold several million copies all over the world (1 million in the U.S.) and it’s only been out about 6 months. So when Beyonce, Britney, or Christina can say that then more props to them. I like all of their music but it’s the ability to go on stage and shock and defy by kissing Madonna that will keep Britney and Christina way ahead of Beyonce. Understand that the music industry is a global market and through out the rest of the world Kelly Rowland has way out performed (in sales) Beyonce. Madonna is the Queen- More top ten hits than anyone in history, in a three way tie for biggest selling female in history, and that doesn’t even broach the global impact she has had as an Icon for women, men, gays, straights, minorities etc…You don’t have to like her but there is no denying her influence over society in the last 20 years. Why do you think most major colleges around the world have classes devoted to her impact on the world?

  4. EastCoastin says:

    You’re wrong’, ‘By the standards of Madonna’s previous albums, the album, American Life has not gone multi-platinum, maybe around the world, but not in the US. Secondly, Beyonce with Destiny’s Child has won more Grammy’s than all the other performers. And Lastly, in the 5 years Britney Spears has been in the public eye, she has sold more merchandise and albums than any of the women combined, and Spears last year was reportedly the most important person and influential according to prestigious FORBES magazine. All three, Aguilera, Spears, and Knowles are on top of their game… the only one whose struggling to float is Madonna… Yeah she had a great 20 years, but right now, or before last night, the younger girls of pop music has surpassed all that Madonna was ever able to do.

  5. Tig says:

    Gang, let’s be real, Madonna is an ICON. Without Madonna there is not Britney, Christina, Jessica Simpson, for over 20 years this woman has paved the way for them. Her tours are artistic, her songs are thought provoking. These girls are talented, but they will never be on a Worldwide Madonna Level. Madonna is the Marilyn Monroe of the music Business. To compare her to these girls, is disrespectful. She is a Legend. There are only 1 King and 1 Queen. Michael Jackson and Madonna. Just 1.

  6. jimmypee says:

    no, without Madonna there would be no Britney and no culture dominated by talentless *****s just wanting to be famous for nothing. Christina has the talent and strength of mind to be doing exactly what she’s doing whether Madonna was around or not. she would still be here.

  7. Internship says:

    Yaa that’s true….but its a part of stardom.Celebrities keep on doing something or the other to get the attention of the media & publicity, nomatter they get it notoriously or the other way around.

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