Pixie Lott Weighs In On Digital Theft Of Music

Pixie Lott

offered her opinion on the digital theft of music on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Monday (September 21), talking about the impact it’s had on the industry but stopping short of advocating any criminal consequences. The ‘Mama Do’ singer writes:

In no way do I feel that people should be punished. You can’t punish a ten-year-old boy because an opportunity has been given to him; it’s the fact that the opportunity is even there; something needs to change peoples..something needs to change! Illegal downloading is completely detached from reality, from morals. It’s a little loophole, a haven of freedom that can’t fail to attract because nothing in life is free. If something is being done, it should be done to discourage such interest and to provide different options. There are already some developments online, those which make money in different ways, some of which can be free to the listener, however these need to be improved upon and promoted. People need to be persuaded against the blatant and accessible opportunity of theft.

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2 thoughts on “Pixie Lott Weighs In On Digital Theft Of Music

  1. jake says:

    I totally agree , but she has to understand that 10 year olds don’t have that kind of money to buy , so let it be , it is not so bad on the music front as DRM is there and you people are making hefty money

  2. tobylane says:

    Well no.. p2p music never has drm, it’s hardly ever wav, normally mp3 or flac. I posted on her blog but it wasn’t accepted I think.

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