Plaintiff’s Lawyer Speaks Out Over Mario Vazquez/’Idol’ Lawsuit

Magdaleno Olmos’ attorney Matt Matern tells ‘Access Hollywood’ that ‘American Idol’ producers offered his client their support following his claim that season four drop-out sexually harassed him. The attorney claimed the ‘Idol’ support may have led to Vazquez’s mysterious departure from the show’s Top 12 in 2005. “I believe it (Vazquez’s departure) was not voluntary in any way shape or form,” Matern speculated. “There were meetings held on that same day with the executives Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick, with my client and with the attorneys for ‘American Idol’. They asked my client what had happened. Then I believe they interviewed Mr. Vazquez that same day, brought my client back in for a second interview and [I’m told], Nigel Lythgoe, put his arm around my client and said, ‘we know that this happened and we are going to let Mario Vazquez go, and you’re going to stay.'”

J.Lo Excited About ‘Idol’, Plans Spanish Song Performance

March 16, 2007 – ‘Extra’ caught up with and at the ShoWest Film Convention in Las Vegas where the two unveiled ‘El Cantante’. Asked if she’s excited about doing a performance and offer advice for ‘American Idol’ finalists, J.Lo responded, “Yes, I’m very excited. I watched it last night. I have a couple of favorites.” Asked if she is going to sing, Lopez responded, “I want to sing one of my Spanish songs. I think they’re doing a Latin album theme night.” Read more.

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