Plastic Surgery Question Leaves Kylie Minogue In A Fury

The Sunday Mirror reports Kylie Minogue blew her top when Manchester-based DJ Tony Wrighton of Century FM asked her if she’d had plastic surgery. After the interview was brought to an abrupt halt – and unaware the tape was still running – the Aussie singer laid into Tony, telling staff: “Could you hear what he was saying? Is he retarded? I mean is he meant to be kind of funny or what? I am stunned. What if it was live? They shouldn’t play any of that. Oh my God. I am so shocked. This is stupid. I gave him another opportunity and he asked, ‘Have you had plastic surgery?’ Oh my God. I can’t help thinking about it.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Dannii: Kylie Minogue Will Wed In June

March 20, 2004 – News of the World reports Dannii Minogue has revealed her sister Kylie Minogue plans to marry Olivier Martinez in June. “They’ve been thinking of Paris, Sydney and Barbados, but it’s probably going to be where it’s the hottest,” Dannii told pals while having drinks earlier this week. “Kylie has told her friends in the US and our family at home but that’s it. This is the happiest I’ve seen her—they really suit each other. They’ve been trying to find the right time. Then one minute they were having dinner and the next she came out with it and he said yes.”

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One thought on “Plastic Surgery Question Leaves Kylie Minogue In A Fury

  1. opa says:

    I would be mad if I were in her situation.

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