Playboy Offer For Janet Jackson

Neil Sean of Sky News reports Janet Jackson’s recent weight loss has attracted the attention of Playboy, who want the singer to pose nude in a future issue. “I am not that kind of girl,” Janet insisted. “I find it flattering, but who knows… maybe in the future.”

Michael Made Janet Self-Conscious As A Kid

August 30, 2006 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “This is weird. In a new interview, says her brother Michael made her self-conscious as a child because he called her ‘Fat Butt’. Yeah. When he heard this, Michael said, ‘That’s ridiculous. I would never look at a woman’s butt.'”

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4 thoughts on “Playboy Offer For Janet Jackson

  1. hooker says:

    how’s Tommy Mottola and Michael? isn’t not he branded Tommy Mottola racist before. and, her sister Janet always makes me laugh. but, remember that thing of Janet and Justin, that thing that was cut off because of showing one of her big breast, it scared me to death. then, Janet’s midget ugly dark fiance is so funny. no offense, but, that guy will never pass my standard. excuse me please, I’m not a desperate woman if I were in her shoes, he’s too midget black ugly, it scared me to death. I feel vomiting really, ekk. I’m not much into producer/musician who has this cowboy outfit. besides, guys wearing earrings or that cowboy hat, whether they’re dark small or dark tall, to me,regardless of race, I found them so gay, ew, it scared me to death.. no offense, but, that’s my points of view, and I will never take that back, no way please. sorry guys, I’m just not into you. better look for somebody else. if I was in your shoes, I will dump them at once without hesitation, no turning back.

  2. Gerald walker says:

    I think that you should pose in playboy

  3. Gerald walker says:

    I want you to do it you have the body for your sister did it why not you if you do sent me an advance copy. Thanks

  4. Gerald walker says:

    I want posters of you Janet send to Gerald in Georgia. PS call me if you will pose in playhouses, then send me an advance copy.

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