Pledge To Vote And See Jason Mraz At Your College

Jason Mraz asks viewers to do a pledge to vote, and he'll perform at your school if you do and win a contestiLike have asked to be apart of the “Pledge to Vote” campaign that will bring the singer songwriter to the college that registers the most student voters. This election is very close to Jason’s heart and he is very excited to be apart of the movement.

“As we all know there’s a very, very important election coming up,” Mraz said of the November 4th presidential election. “It’s kind of a big deal for me and hopefully it’s a big deal for you, as it’s a great opportunity for us to take responsibility for the kind of future that we want to see. To show you how much of a big deal it is for me, I want to come to your school with my band and put on a free concert for the whole school. If you want me to come to your school, all you have to do is pledge to vote. If you’re one of the first ten people to pledge, you’ll also get a backstage pass to hang out with us after the show.”

Watch the message below.

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One thought on “Pledge To Vote And See Jason Mraz At Your College

  1. max cattana says:

    may you please come to my school I beg you max

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