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Ahh the joys of EDUCATED individuals making intelligent comments.

Finally, after immature, jealous users making irrelevant comments, someone sees the point to this. Take for instance many users on pop dirt who are interested enough to open pictures of for the sole purpose of making comments about her skin, hair, clothes body. Simply, if you don’t like her why do you open the pictures? There is really no answer to that question you just want to see an angle to attack her from am I right?

When a person is high up on a podium, people will do anything to knock them down.

There sits 22 year old Britney Spears. She’s sold 60 million albums worldwide. She has a staggering 11 number one singles. She composes both the lyrics and SCORE to a song that goes number one. She assists in designing a tour that surpasses Beyonce Missy Elliott and Alicia Keys. She comes up with video concepts that hit number one on TRL.
And most importantly she works her ass off promoting, touring, designing. It’s all not so bad for a “MANUFACTURED POP STAR” right? .

Or I love the one about “the next Courtney Love” or its basis. The basis that she’s crazy because
-she smokes (along with millions of other Americans) or she drinks (which is hardly every photographed)
-she has acne (ahh the joys of being human, damn if only they would have manufactured her right in that pop star machine) Cameron Diaz has severe acne and I guess being the highest paid movie star there are some things that can’t be fixed
-she hurts her knee, cancels the tour and vacations in Hawaii (I don’t get that one)
-she gains some weight (eats whatever the hell she wants, or decides to stop a vigorous work out routine which allowed her to have the once “perfect body”
-goes to clubs parties (being a 22 year old) or goes to a gay bar (God forbid we support homosexuality or allow Britney to reach out to the homosexual population)
-she dates a far from Hollywood man (whose past with women is absolutely no one’s business)
-Kevin is using her (Damn, I didn’t know you knew Mr. Federline so well??)

“Alas, the snipers just can’t stand the fact that Britney, still only 22, is sexy, rich and very, very successful.”

They try to tear her down, but she just won’t leave. One of the World’s most famous people and highest selling artists. She combines sex appeal, musical talent and performance ability all to make a girl who is so close to perfection.

…”And that’s what they hate most of all”

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