Poison Pens Vent Their Spleen On Britney Spears

Gail Walker of the Belfast Telegraph opined about the grilling has taken in the press for acne and weight gain in recent months, as well as her latest squeeze Kevin Federline. “Commentators are fond of using the words ‘white trash’ and ‘Britney’ in the same sentence,” she wrote. “They don’t like her new boyfriend and, though they don’t spell it out precisely, it’s really because they think he’s a nobody. They’d rather she’d husband hunted a celeb catch like Zeta Jones, Paltrow or Aniston. Ah, but Britney doesn’t need to. It’s all hilarious, of course. What the carpers really want is a morality tale about the tragedy of too much fame too young, blah blah blah. But they’ve written off Britney too soon.”

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