Polly Scattergood A Victim Of 1234 Festival Disorganization

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pollyscattergood) on Sunday (July 26), talking about troubles she had earlier in the day at the 1234 festival. Polly writes:

I played 1234 festival in Shoreditch today! Thanks so much 2those of you who came it was lovely seeing friendly faces in the crowd, everyone looked so cool and fashionable, I swear the people of Shoreditch must keep the skinny jean industry in business all year!- it was fabulous!

This is really a blog to say sorry to you all though, the festival was fabulous, but SO disorganized; I was told my stage time was 5.30pm then one hour before we arrived it got moved to 4.10pm, so at this point me and the boys where running seriously late! Then as result of the stage time being brought forward I had to miss a load of interviews which I had scheduled in (sorry to anyone I stood up). Then due to technical things my stage time was delayed, and as a result my set time was cut!-so had to pull Nitrogen Pink Last minute!

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