Polly Scattergood Gets Back To Her Roots With Irregular Choice Gig

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pollyscattergood) on Monday (June 15), talking about playing a show without her band. The English singer songwriter tells readers:

I am looking forward to playing a few stripped down acoustic songs tomorrow night at the “Irregular Choice” party “Night of Irregular Soles”. I haven’t played a gig just me and a piano, for years. It is like traveling back in time, I used to turn up at these venues such as 12 bar.

In Demark street and sometimes I would play to 3 people, 2 of them being the bar staff, the other being the guy on the door! I used to have the heaviest keyboard in the world, and the only way I could get it down from my flat was by sliding it down the stairs! Surprisingly enough it is still working, but I will be using my newer one tomorrow night, as it has had slightly less bumps and bruises so is a bit less temperamental!

So yeah I am looking forward to going back to the roots and playing 3 or 4 tracks as the skeletons they where,when they first set foot into my world. I will miss my band boys though, it can feel very lonely on stage without back up! Luckily tomorrow’s gig is in one of my favorite shops in London, Irregular Choice, and they have assured me there is no stage, just lots of pretty shoes and cute unicorn jumpers!

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