Polly Scattergood Releasing Live EP Next Week

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pollyscattergood) on Wednesday (July 22), talking about a new live release coming out soon. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

Hey Guys
I have some cool news to report….

(and you have a week to tell everyone you can think of!)

I have a live EP coming out on iTunes next week!

It was recorded at the Roundhouse gig, and I was mixing it yesterday, so everyone who was unable to get to the gig, can now have the live experience, we even mixed it so the keys come out of one speaker and the guitar out of another just like the stage set up, so if you close your eyes sound wise you could almost be there!

It has 5 tracks on it, I won’t reveal what they are yet, that can be a surprise!

I think it is out next Tuesday, but when I know what day next week for definite I will let you know!

Please spread the word far and wide!

Over n out
Polly xx

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