Polly Scattergood Starts Work On Second Album

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pollyscattergood) on Sunday (January 10), discussing how her New Year’s Eve went, recording a song with Katie Melua, and starting work on her sophomore album. The Essex, England singer songwriter tells readers:

As some of you have guessed already from my Facebook & twitter posts I have also started writing my second album, which I am finding very exciting! I have been working with some fabulous people who are bringing lots of interesting elements to the mix. I can’t put a exact time things, as everything is creatively just at the very beginning but I have a small concept, which I will share with you if and when it works. I have some songs which I am happy with (and some which need more work)

Making a album is funny. I think some people imagine you go into a studio and it magically gets created and you step out at the end of the day with a small circular disk and your name on it! But the reality for me is many nights on my own, full of self doubt, spent writing songs, then scrapping them, then writing more! I guess I can only equate it to when you see actors in blockbusters, it looks so effortless and glamourous, but we never will see the sleepless nights when they are pacing up and down, learning lines the hard way!

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