Polly Scattergood Wraps Up First UK Tour

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pollyscattergood) on Thursday (April 23), returning home to London after wrapping up her first UK tour. The singer songwriter tells readers:

It has been the most amazing experience being on the road, playing every night in different places and meeting new people. I could honestly have carried on and done it forever, but apparently I have to come home some time! The good news is we have more dates booked in May which should be really good.

I have to admit I got home yesterday and wandered around for a bit, slightly lost. I started to do some washing, but then remembered the machine was broken, so went to the pub instead!

So I have the day off today. I am going to feed the flowers in the boxes on my roof and I need to buy/make/create some form of outfit as I have a photo shoot tomorrow, and like I said my washing machine is broken so everything I had on the road can’t be cleaned unless I go to the launderette, which I don’t really feel like today.

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