Pollyanna Dorough Calls Me

Contributed by BSBfanatic935:

OMG! I won a contest and Pollyanna Dorough (singer and also sister to star Howie Dorough) called me at my house last night! I was like freaking out! My mom came in my room and was like do you know a Pollyanna? I was like it can’t be… and then I answered it and she’s like hi this is Pollyanna… and it took me a second and I was like… Dorough? and she’s like yeah! lol I ran to tell my parents and then I tried to talk to her but I don’t think I was very understanable for the first like 5 minutes lol I was like shaking so bad and had to sit down. and she is soooooo nice and down to earth! it was like talking to a friend (except the whole freaking out part lol) She probably thinks I am such a dork because I blanked out and couldn’t really think of anything to ask her lol we talked about BSB (yes they are together and doing good), her career (which she works on everyday writting songs and recorded, ect. and she was close to a record deal but her meeting was on 9/11/01!), and playing the guitar (she does and I’m going to start) and just regualr stuff!

She’s sooooo awesome and I could tell she really cares about her fans and wants them to know that! OMG I still can’t beleive that I won that! It was the 1st thing I’ve ever won and it was awesome! She’s like what are you doing and I was like watching the emmy’s and she’s asked if this was better and I was like yeah! lol she asked me if I liked her brother lol I was like yeah! VERY much! OMG she’s so awesome! That was like the BEST thing that has happened to me all year! OMG!!!! lol and the second I hung up w/ her (after about 10-15 mins.)

I started crying right a way and then had to call my friend alyssa and we were freaking out for like an hour lol and she even cried! It was sooooooo awesome! Pollyanna rocks! If you want specific details about what we talked about and what happened please email me (I dont mind talking about it lol).
Addicted2Backstreet @hotmail.com

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