Pop Diva Fears Anthrax

The Star’s latest Hollywood Whodunit provides few clues to which diva is on Cipro, but circumstantial evidence gives us some clue. Is it who has already had a widely believed to be anthrax laced love letter sent in her name to American Media Corp? Or, was the last minute pullout of Christina Aguilera from the Latin Grammy ceremony due to flu symptoms the answer? Still yet, was an already mentally distressed who’s home is near Ground Zero paranoid of such biological attack? Read on for the blind item as it appears in Star.

“Despite government warnings not to take antibiotics unnecessarily, this pop diva is insisting that everyone associated with her start on Cipro immediately. She’s very nervous because she receives tons of fan mail and packages from unknown fans and fears there may have been some exposure. She really flipped when a packet of white powder was found in the mail, but it turned out to be a sample of a bath product from a reputable cosmetic company. Even though she and her staff are in no danger, she’s convinced they were all somehow infected.”

Who do you think it is… or do you believe it?

Videotaped Piercing Of Popstar’s Nether Region

October 19, 2001 – This Star blind item sounds like either Britney or Christina… maybe we’ll get the video evidence on the net soon for proof; “This va-va-voom female pop-music star, who already has quite a few body piercings in her visible boy parts, recently had her least visible and most sensitive flesh pierced in a Sunset Boulevard parlor. Seems that the ‘operation’ and subsequent placing of a one-carat diamond on the unkind cut was caught on the parlor’s security cameras – and is shown to parlor patrons who get to see it – if they ask nicely.” What do you think?

Britney, Mariah, Or? Sunday’s NY Post Blind Item

2, 2001 – A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which persnickety pop queen isn’t making any fans in her new East Village apartment building? Since moving into her swank co-op a few months ago, the bubbly diva has refused to even look at her neighbors or tip building staffers who did work on her pricey new digs.”

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