Pop Idol Finalist Dreams Of Duet With Christina Aguilera

ITV reports plus-sized Pop Idol finalist Michelle McManus’ dream is to duet with but says she won’t share the raunchy star’s dress sense. “I don’t think that would be a good image for me,” she explained. “I think she has got away with it but you won’t be seeing me in leather chaps.”

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6 thoughts on “Pop Idol Finalist Dreams Of Duet With Christina Aguilera

  1. JustinaTimberq says:

    Haha Funny how the jacked up teeth people from England praise a fellow fu**ed up teeth whore Christina Aguilera

  2. meteora says:

    who wouldn’t want to sing with Christina? SHES PURE TALENT The only thing they want to do with Britney is screw her in her ass and throw her away like an old ruined doll

  3. Gimmeabreak says:

    He knows that Christina is just a cheap whore and he’s gonna get some a$$…he should have some respect for himself…everybody has been in Christina’s a$$…even timber*****…every hole on that slut is runt…nasty a$$ beast.

  4. rachel says:

    You Britney fans are pathetic. Obviously you can’t read, this person is a girl so I wonder where gimmeash*t got “he wants to”. She is probably talented and Christina would totally do a duet with her because unlike some people Christina is not shallow. Its a shame people are calling this Michelle lady fat and looks like meatloaf. You can be fat and beautiful unless you shallow yourself like Britney Jean Spears and it that case I will continue to make fun of your chunky body.

  5. guess says:

    “jacked up teeth people from England “! what are you trying to say. I’m from England and I haven’t got any jacked up teeth.

  6. guess says:

    she is VERY talented. but the guy is gonna win because he is from walsall and I like walsall because its great. because I live there. lol joke but the guy always wins on pop idol and also she doesn’t have the image that people look for. I personally don’t care about it because its the voice that counts but the last person on it who was overweight got thrown out at the first chance and he was way more talented than Gareth Gates by far

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