Pop Idol Gareth Cheated On Hayley Evetts With Jordan

A friend of Pop Idol Hayley Evetts revealed the 27-year-old is “devastated and humiliated” by Gareth Gates grim confession that he had an affair with Jordan while she was dating him. “To say she’s furious is the under statement of the year,” ranted the singer’s pal. “She’s totally devastated and feels he’s let her down. Even though they split up last year they’ve remained good friends – but now Hayley feels he’s totally humiliated her. Having an affair is bad enough – but with someone like Jordan? I mean, eurrgh, come on, he’s having a laugh.”

Gareth Gates Admits Fling With Jordan

July 15, 2003 – Gareth has finally admitted he did have a relationship with busty pin-up Jordan. He tells Heat magazine, “I was 17-years-old and had just moved from Bradford to London when, to be honest, I was pursued by her,” he said. “I was bemused as to why she went to the press with it as I see relationships as private. That was the very reason I didn’t talk about it. I was embarrassed by what was said and didn’t want my family to find out about it in this way. They obviously know now as I have been open with them.” Now, Jordan says the fling will be part of her upcoming autobiography.

Gareth’s Dancers Danced On Shattered Bulb… Barefoot

July 6, 2003 – The Sun reports that dancers for Gareth ended up badly cutting their feet while performing his chart-topping single ‘Spirit In The Sky’ at Sunday’s Party in the Park. The 14-strong Indian troupe were forced to take to the stage barefoot after a mix up over the delivery of their shoes, and that came back to haunt them when a bulb shattered on the stage. The girls managed to smiled throughout the routine and complete their job, afterwards getting treated for their wounds backstage.

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