Pop Idol Ruins Hayley Evetts’ Love Life

Pop Idol babe tells The Sun despite having a budding TV career and a body to drool over, the star has found fame wrecks her love life. “Being in the public eye has made it difficult to hold down a proper relationship,” she admitted. “I’m so busy it’s hard to find time for a serious relationship. But to be honest, even if I did have the time it wouldn’t be easy finding the man. Men outside of the business feel a bit intimidated and find it difficult to cope with me being recognized and photographed in the street. And men who are already famous have their own career pressures to think of. I’ve been single for quite a while now. Sure, I’d like to change that but I’m not going out to look for it. I want to concentrate on my career at the moment. Pop Idol made me a star but it’s also made my love life hell.”

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