‘Pop Idol’ Wedding For Mark Rhodes And Zoe Birkett

‘Pop Idol’ finalists Mark Rhodes and Zoe Birkett are set to become the first ‘Idol’ stars to marry each other, The Sun is reporting. “Zoe was blown away when Mark proposed and said yes straight away,” a friend revealed. “She has been Mark’s rock since his mum was diagnosed with lung cancer in May. Zoe even moved to Wolverhampton to be with him and his family. Although they are both young, they know this is what they want. Since Mark’s mum became ill he’s realized what is important to him, and Zoe is top of the list.”

Pop Idol Girls Team Up On ‘Treat Me Like A Lady’

January 10, 2003 – Manchester Online spoke with Zoe Birkett about her debut single ‘Treat Me Like A Lady’, co-written by fellow Pop Idol Sarah Whatmore. “We’d known each other from ‘Pop Idol’, obviously, so we were mates,” she explains, “and then we were signed to the same management company. Sarah was working on some tracks, and she just brought it over to me and asked if I’d like to have a go at it cos she thought it would suit my voice. It worked really well, and it just went from there!”

Zoe Birkett Excited To Finally Have Single Released

January 10, 2003 – Capital FM in London chatted with Pop Idol star Zoe Birkett who has released her first single a year after the show that launched her completed. Asked how it felt to finally have a song released, she said, “I’m really excited. Everyone thinks I’ve been on holiday for the past year but I’ve been in the studio writing and recording my album and getting prepared for the single, and deciding what sort of route I’m going to take with my music. I’ve matured a lot and learned a lot about myself and what I want to be and what people see me as. It’s been a pretty hectic year too. I’ve been on two tours – the ‘Pop Idol’ tour and with Will and Gareth so I’ve been really busy and now it’s just the start for me and, fingers crossed, everything will go okay.”

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