Pop Singer’s Voice Disguised ‘Cause She Can’t Sing

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which pop singer’s voice is so bad, studio bosses are shelling out thousands on equipment to disguise it? Record chiefs know they’ve got a fire-cracker, providing no one cottons on to the fact she can’t sing.”

Favorite Diva Has A Thing For Gay Men

June 16, 2003 – A blind item in this week’s Billy Master’s column on Filth2go.com asks, “Could it be that one of our favorite divas has a thing for gay men? OK, let me narrow it down for you. How about one who sleeps with gay men? Still too wide a playing field? How about one who marries them? Clearly I’m not helping you, so let me spell it out. I’m told that this oft-married spitfire is splitsville with her latest stud of speculative sexuality. Of course, since they’ve both recently dumped their mouthpieces, they’re keeping this latest schism under wraps until they can come up with an appropriate spin. God knows they’ve both been around this block a few times, so how about this for a statement – ‘She’s a no talent whore and I’m into guys’?”

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One thought on “Pop Singer’s Voice Disguised ‘Cause She Can’t Sing

  1. erica says:

    bad pop singers… three of them… popular for some strange reason… the word “disney” comes in mind… OH! right, the Jonas Brothers. they are number one on the “bad singers who still sing” list, and also number one on the “singers who sing through their nose” list.

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