Pop Star Has Knee Fat Removed

A blind item from The Insider correspondent Marc S. Malkin hints: “This pop singer is so concerned about her appearance, she apparently once went under the knife to have the fat removed from around her knees because she never liked how they looked.”

Pop Beauty’s New Man Is Secretly Gay

March 24, 2006 – A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which pop beauty would be surprised to learn of her new man’s true sexual leanings? Her beau is secretly gay and one of his aides let it slip that although his new miss ‘isn’t his type’ she is useful for keeping up the pretense.”

Singer Stalks Riding Instructor

March 17, 2006 – A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which singer stalked a riding instructor after he turned down her demand for private tuition? She kept calling, shouting, ‘Do you know who I am?’ He hung up on her and then played her messages to his mates in the pub.”

Indecisive Boybander Results In Menage-A-Trois

January 14, 2006 – A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which boyband singer is acting like a born lothario? At a recent showbiz bash, he couldn’t decide between two leggy lovelies so he invited both of them back to his bachelor pad. Wonder if his other bandmates were home?”

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