Pop Stars And Their Bad Habits

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A lot of people point out the fact that Britney Spears does a lot of lip synching when she performs. A couple years ago it was hard to tell if she was or wasn’t, but lately it’s perfectly clear that she is. I don’t know why she does it, but I blame her smoking. Personally, I wish she’d stop smoking and take some vocal lessons like Madonna did for Evita, because she really does have a great singing voice and it’d be nice to actually hear it live sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if her constant biting of the tongue is because she’s really as nice as we think or maybe because she realizes she doesn’t have any room to talk about anybody; because after all, they’re singing live and she isn’t.

My point for this article is that while Britney has her bad habits, she’s hardly alone. Many pop stars have nasty vices, poor habits or more serious problems that seem to be effecting their performances or their image and it’s not just Britney.

Christina Aguilera has a killer voice, a sexy style and a blossoming career. She sings about women being strong and she sings about herself making it through hard times. All of this might be nice if she didn’t do magazine interviews that make her look like a jealous hypocrite. She wants women to stand tall and be proud, but she seems to go for her fellow female artists’ throats every time she opens her mouth. In her music, she tells people to feel Beautiful no matter what anyone says, but when she speaks all she does is criticize and put others down. Someone as talented as she is shouldn’t come across so angry and insecure.

Justin Timberlake wants to come across as being natural and organic; nothing flashy and nothing fake. But as we’ve all seen, there seem to be two different sides to Justin. One side is the sweet momma’s boy who’s always with his girlfriend Cameron Diaz and taking care of her when she got hurt on their vacation, helping out with sick children and making his fans feel loved, etc. Then there’s the crappy side to Justin who stabs his original fans in the back, basically saying that his music in the past was immature and he’s so beyond that now. The same guy who says he can’t trust women, but makes loyal Cameron look like a complete fool when he tries hard to act like a ghetto fabulous ladies man hitting on other women, dancing with other women and announcing Beyonce as his future baby’s mamma. Two sides equals two faced.

Nick Carter and Joey Fatone obviously have weight problems and can’t control what they put into their mouths. Joey has always been a big, Greek guy, but lately Nick has bloated up like he’s suffering from cramps. I know both guys are eager to start working with their bandmates on new albums and stuff, but how the heck do they expect to tour and dance to their old songs when they weigh like 35 pounds heavier than they used to?

AJ McLean is a walking junkie. Hopefully he’ll overcome these problems, but Whitney Houston never did and she has a child. I totally see AJ crumbling under the pressure in the near future. If the group does get back together and the fans are as crazy as they once were, he’s gonna freak and there will be no way he can handle it.

The reason behind this article was not to bash everyone in the music industry, but rather to point out that every pop star has some sort of bad habit. And while it may be fun to come here to popdirt and point fingers at other people’s idols, just remember that more than likely your favorite pop star has some sort of bad habit as well.

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10 thoughts on “Pop Stars And Their Bad Habits

  1. Jive says:

    Many stars today have many bad habits but the media doesn’t want them to act like humans. They want people to see them as perfect human beings. And many of us think our idols are perfect as well. Don’t blame them since all of us don’t want to see our fave star look bad or do something stupid. So we are part of the problem.

  2. XTremeKaos says:

    You have some nerve. Just because you see the negativity behind everything doesn’t mean that’s all there is. I can only speak on behalf of the BsB, but Nick doesn’t have a problem. He has no weight problem. He is 6ft 2in tall, and if anything on him isn’t “pop star” thin, it’s his stomach. Just because he doesn’t have abs doesn’t make him overweight. Nick started getting famous at 15 with the Boys, he was a kid. He’s an adult now, of course he’s gonna gain weight. I am so sick of you. You think you have the right to judge everyone. If Nick had a problem it would far more evident that a little chunky stomach. Wow, you mean Nick actually eats? What a concept. I’d rather have him chubby than anorexic. As far as AJ is concerned, he *****ing when to rehab, admitted his problem, and is recovery very well. If you knew anything about anything, you would know that AJ is more likely to do something worse on his OFF time, because he’s such a performer he sometimes can’t stand being away from the stage. Stop acting like you know the reasons behind everything every pop star does. Just because you can form an opinion doesn’t make you right.

  3. outrageous4u says:

    who gives a crap if Britney lip syncs-i sure don’t if I want to watch a vocalist then I will be bored and watch a Mariah video or Christina video-i prefer performers like Madonna, janet, Britney, that’s more interesting to me plus, they have more danceable music which I prefer-Britney has a great voice for ballads but it is impossible to dance like that and sing w/o sounding out of breath-Britney is not a vocalist(i use this term to refer to someone with great vocal range)she is an entertainer and performer and doesn’t claim to be anything else-heck she even said she wishes her voice was like xtinas??that takes guts to say that and people say she’s fake????c’mon people, at the end of the day these people are here to entertain us, it just depends on what each listeners musical taste is-so CHILL with the hating!peace

  4. Jive says:

    I think he is just pointing out that stars have imperfections and acts just like us. I don’t have a problem with stars with bad habits. They can do whatever they want. But he is a little off on some things.

  5. CARPEDIEM says:

    Hahahaha…. Why in the H.E.L.L does musicman keep posting this sh**. This one is funny though, you have a smoking twit, a b!tch, a momma’s boy, 2 fat a$$’s and a junkie. Wow, pop music is great isn’t it. hahaha..

  6. XTremeKaos says:

    I understand what you are saying, but it shouldn’t need to be pointed out that celebrities aren’t perfect. It’s common knowledge. What I have a problem with is his constant assuming of why stars act the way they do. People need to just let them live their lives how they are happy. If AJ when to rehab and is recovering, which he is, and is happy now, then leave him alone. If Nick is comfortable eating and not worrying about being a certain size, then leave him alone. Why can’t people just be judged on their music? Their personal lives shouldn’t matter.

    I didn’t say AJ didn’t do drugs on his offtime, yeah I watched Oprah too, for the right reasons. But he’s gone to rehab, and he’s getting better. He’s far much better off than Whitney Houston, that’s obvious. To compare them is rediculous. And where is Nick’s problem? He doesn’t have one, not as far as his weight is concerned. So he isn’t toned, that doesn’t make him unhealthy. Nick grew up, and gained weight when he became an adult, like all people do. In the past year he’s even lost some. You can’t compare what he looks like now to what he looked at years ago. Otherwise I think I’m quite overweight too, I look nothing like I did a few years ago. I would comment on the others, but I have no room to, because I don’t know what’s behind any of it. But I do know that what you’re saying about Nick and AJ is wrong. And I think I would more than you, because I care about them as people and as performers. I don’t think anyone is perfect, and I never said they were, but trying to attach your own reasoning to their faults isn’t your job. And werent you the one a few weeks ago who wrote that other article about what you love about Justin? All of a sudden you see what’s wrong with him? That’s a little suspicious.

  7. Jive says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. We shouldn’t interfere with their personal lives. But I think getalifeyall doesn’t want to see his idol look bad like may of us do. I mean, would Britney be as successful as she is today if she always looked bad? Probably not. But I totally agree with you and what you’re saying.

  8. jimmypee says:

    LMAO the worst you can come up with is “shes a b!tch because she disses my poor little flopney” face it, Christina whoops ass. and Britney has a disgusting voice. she lipsynchs for a reason you *****ing moron…so that d!ckwads like you can still pretend to yourself that her voice is anything other than abysmal

  9. Smile says:

    Singers are not perfect. It’s not a news flash. None of us are, even if we wanted to be. I don’t think it was necessary to post this, especially after you’ve “pointed fingers at other people’s idols” before. There are people who are a lot worse off than Nick and AJ. Nick and AJ aren’t two faced, they don’t have an ego, they care about people, and are talented, which is more than could be said about others. You’re talking about Justin, who is dishonest with his image and AJ who was honest about an addiction. Then you’re comparing someone dishonest with Nick, who decided to have some cookies and didn’t work out for 15 minutes after because he’s afraid to look normal. There is a major difference with all that. Nick and AJ should not be on this list. Just let them be. In fact, as a fan, I can say Nick’s most attractive feature is that he is just like any other 23 year old guy, except he has a more outrageous job, more money, and the constant pressure of unrealistic expectations from people like you who are never satisfied.

  10. EveryoneSucks says:

    umm yea because Brit ALWAYS said she’s wanted to be a singer, and she certainly ain’t singing. sure she’s an awesome dancer and she does that a whole lot more than singing then she should’ve gone for a career in dancing instead. might be more entertaining and many people might actually like her instead of hate her. and there won’t be any crappy music from her.

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