Pop Stars Appear in Best & Worst Dressed 2002

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The September 23, 2002 issue of People Magazine features the Best and Worst Dressed of 2002. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, WillaFord all show up in the issue. Read on for more.

PoppinForPopChat profiles the pop music stars that are featured in the Best/Worst issue.

* Worst Hair 2002

Leave it to Britney Spears (at the Grammys) to blow a rare glamor moment with Charo hair. Not quite a curl, not quite a woman.

* Hip or Horrible? Hip

SILVER STREAK: The stylish, asymmetrical dress Britney Spears wears to the London premiere of her debut film, Crossroads, in March strikes the perfect balance between flirty and sophisticated.

* Hip or Horrible? Horrible

OVERDONE ‘DO: PEOPLE reported in March that Hollywood had sounded “a rallying cry to ringlets.” But instead of looking touchable, Christina Aguilera’s curls appear tight and shellacked at the Grammys in February. Still, she and her ‘do walked away with an award for the hit remake of “Lady Marmalade,” with Mya, Lil’ Kim and Pink.

* Best Dressed: Fresh Scrubbed

“She’s not trying to be a grown-up movie star,” says Fred Segal Beauty’s Estee Stanley, a stylist for Mandy Moore (at a Hollywood premere in Chanel in January). “She is the classic American beauty next door.”

* Worst Dressed:

Desperate to attend MTV’s Video Music Awards, grabbed some shears and recycled her old overalls, size 12-18 months.

* Best & Worst Dressed: Star Wars — Britney Spears vs Pink: The Battle > Leather

Both pop divas, at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards, are wearing just enough leather for a pair of gloves. Was Spears planning on doing a Village People tribute? Hers is pure costume. And Pink’s vampy miniscule stage outfit looks like Lily Munster’s underwear.

* Best & Worst Dressed: Star Wars — Kate Hudson vs Willa Ford: The Battle > Dress Over Pants

Hudson takes this pairing, at the recent MTV Video Music Awards, and makes it funky, chick, and hip. It looks like she just tossed the outfit together, and the overall effect is cool and casual. Singer Ford, at a July music competition in NYC wears Juliet on top and Romero below. It’s a romantic look gone tragically awry.
Winner: Kate Hudson

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