Pop Stars Hit London Premiere Of Star Wars

WireImage.com has photos of star Nick Carter, 3SL, A1, and at the premiere of ‘Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones’ in London on Tuesday. Check out pictures from the Odeon Leicester premiere here.

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4 thoughts on “Pop Stars Hit London Premiere Of Star Wars

  1. brokbsb12002 says:

    Nick is such a cutie pie and very hot.

  2. FracksAngel says:

    What I wouldn’t give to get close to him….YUM!! (Nick, that is) He is gorgeous…. He is looking good these days!

  3. AJsGirl4Life says:

    I know I was like WOAH! *lol* He’s such a hottie! KTBPA!

  4. crap says:

    hey!!!!!!!!!! I just want to ask if there is a chance that a1 will come back soon because we’re waiting here please reply me in my e-mail okay a1 you rock!!!!!

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