Pop Stars: Jack Of All Trades, Hit Makers No More

Contributed by Madfan:

Pops stars seem to be doing everything these days…

*posing nude in every magazine imaginable,
*hosting award shows where they can flaunt their hilariously tasteless outfits,
*singing back-up vocals for younger “singers,” and writing stupid children’s books
*releasing remixes of singles that have already flopped and DVDs of concerts no one came to see…

They seem to be doing anything and everything nowadays, except giving us fans good music that has the potential to be hits. Shame.

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6 thoughts on “Pop Stars: Jack Of All Trades, Hit Makers No More

  1. grprincess says:

    Shame on you for writing this.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Shame on YOU for thinking he can’t have an opinion!

  3. atomickitten says:

    Very true, for Britney… but this obviously doesn’t apply to Mandy, who is holding herself with class and sophistication and making REAL, artistic music

  4. NJHottie24 says:

    Fatboy is just an a-hole, he makes statements but can’t really back them up, which singers are on tour who are supposedly unsuccessful, I can only think of Mariah who is doing very well on her tour that they added 11 more additional dates and her concerts are selling out all over, in china, she’s almost sold out a 26,000 seat arena, which singers are singing backup by the way, I didn’t know that one

  5. MusicHomme says:

    Very well said.., short and sweet… yes.. we want good music, good dancing and well written songs.

  6. zunderwood says:

    Music executives want to know why music is downloaded? Guess what?….The music sucks!!!!! There is a disposable artist put out everyday in almost every genre. Why would anyone spend $18 on music that sucks!! Come on.

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